“Descendant of Ip Man” was removed from the Chinese Martial Arts Association after saying “crazy”

Master Du Xuonghua sect Wing Chun had to pay a heavy price after causing controversy, including the self-proclaimed “wonder of the martial arts world”.
Specifically, on August 30, a number of Chinese media, including websites XW.QQ and Real01, published information about martial arts master Du Xuonghua sending Wing Chun and being disqualified from the Association. Chinese martial arts.

XW.QQ wrote: “In recent years, traditional Chinese martial arts have been made fun of by some martial arts masters. Fans are constantly mocking traditional martial arts, especially so-called so-called martial arts. Legendary martial arts were created by malevolent tournament organizers.The martial arts’ antics in cross-border competitions and free arenas have discredited traditional martial arts and had a very bad effect. to the image of Chinese martial arts in the international arena.

After Ma Bei Quoc, Du Xuonghua was publicly criticized for being the scum component of the current traditional martial arts village. Recently, Du Xuonghua identified himself as a wonder of the martial arts world and affirmed that he and his student were always the victors of free wars.

But recently, China’s elaborate anti-tampering coalition has passed the sanctioning regulations for Du Xuonghua. Accordingly, all past titles of Du Xuonghua were removed, removed from the membership list of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, removed from the executive committee of Jiangxi Province Wing Chun Association. The list of national level arbitrators, national assessor of Wing Chun also crossed out the name Du Xuonghua “.
According to XW.QQ, the China Anti-Phishing Coalition is a Beijing-based organization initiated by veteran martial arts master Li Jinghua. The core members include leaders from local martial arts associations and some of the most established and reputable martial artists in the Chinese martial arts village.

Since the establishment of the China Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition until now, there have been many fake martial arts masters in China being punished and Du Xuonghua – who claims to be “the third descendant of Grandmaster Ip Man” has can be considered the latest case.

The XW.QQ newspaper also commented: “We believe that the punishment of Master Du Xuonghua will definitely be a deterrent to other bad guys in Chinese martial arts. Traditional Chinese will find a bright future.

With a heavy penalty, it is not excluded that Du Xuonghua may be banned from free martial arts matches in the near future.

Author: Charlene Matthews