Qualities needed to practice Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a type of martial arts that requires many elements: fast, powerful, durable, flexible and skillful. Below are some qualities you need to practice taekwondo

Quality of strength

Strength is the ability to overcome external antagonism or resist it by muscle effort. Muscles produce mechanical forces of different values, so the muscle’s mode of operation can be considered as a basis for distinguishing basic forces. The amount of force generated in slow movements is almost no different from the force values ​​promoted in isometric conditions.

In the concession mode, the muscle’s vitality is greatest, sometimes twice as much as the force promoted in static conditions. In fast movements, the force value decreases with increasing speed. The ability to energize in absolute fast movements and the ability to energize in absolute static movements have no correlation with each other.


Fastness is the ability to perform movements in the shortest amount of time. As a combination of functional properties of humans, it regulates mainly and directly the movement speed as well as the reaction time.

Qualities needed to practice Taekwondo


Endurance is the ability to resist fatigue in performing a motor activity with a given intensity, or the ability to maintain motor performance for the longest time.

In the process of training Taekwondo, athletes must maintain the efficiency of performing the leg-kicking techniques to the maximum, through the willpower determination to achieve the highest performance in the competition.

Flexible qualities

Flexibility is the ability to perform movements with a large margin. The amplitude of movement is a measure of flexibility.

Flexibility is an important prerequisite for achieving the quantity and quality of movement requirements. If the flexible capacity is not fully developed, it will lead to limitations and difficulties in the development of athletic capacity, may even lead to injury.

Author: Charlene Matthews