The most dangerous martial arts in history

Martial arts were not born to go to war or to dispute. Martial arts were born to protect the weak and to defend themselves. Nowadays, martial arts are also the exchange and way of exercising health as well as cultivating people. Today, most martial arts promote martial arts. However, dangerous martial arts exist, which can quickly kill.

1) Bokator

This is known as an elaborate wildlife practice because it comes from observing the movements of animals in the natural world. This is Cambodia’s oldest martial art. He can both strike barehanded and wield weapons such as bamboo and short sticks. That was enough to finish off the opponent.

2) Combato

This movement art is not practiced today because of its extreme lethality.

Combato is a series of extremely dangerous combat used in World War II by the Canadian armed forces. The original origin from the Japanese Jujitsu performance was then developed and built by Bill Underwood in 1910. This martial art, whether male or female, can be used and finished in a narrow margin.

3) Jeet Kun Do

It is a mix of Chinese martial arts such as Wing Chun and Western sports like boxing. The strength of this martial art is that before the opponent’s rights were released, it was cut off, causing the opponent to fail in time.

4) Shippalgi

Shippalgi is a former Korean martial art. That meant including present-day South Korea and North Korea.

This martial art appeared in 1759 and used all 18 martial arts systems of the land of kimchi. It is divided into three groups: stabbing, slashing and hitting. suitable for the melee combat situation at that time.

5) Capoeira

Hundreds of years ago Capoeira was born in the slums of Brazil. With human survival instinct, it was created so that the fleeing slave could defend himself against attackers.

But it was gradually banned by the government because of its lethal nature. Today this martial art is disguised as great dances.

Author: Charlene Matthews