Top the most powerful martial arts in real life (part 2)

Vale Tudo

Vale Tudo is a martial art that originated in Brazil. In Portuguese it means anything can happen. This is a martial art with very few rules, players can use any technique in any other sect just for the purpose of winning. It is no different than the fight against the gladiator in the Middle Ages. It is the same in Brazil. This martial art was quite popular in the circus in the 20s of last century. Two boxers were locked in a cage and fought until the winner was found.


Many people must have heard the word Ninja in Ninjutsu. Therefore, this is considered a famous martial art in the world. Ninjutsu used to be a separate military discipline in some old Japanese schools, with very cruel moves. Almost this martial art was only popular in the era of making in Japan and today it is only mentioned when talking about the history of Japanese martial arts.

Krav Maga

This is a martial art developed by the Israel Defense Forces and is considered one of the most dangerous martial arts in the world. It does not care about the opponent’s health, but only tries to make him hurt as much as possible, quickly and effectively. Therefore, Krav Maga’s method of attacks are in the most dangerous places on the body.

Jeet Kune Do

This martial art was founded by Bruce Lee. He combined traditional Chinese and Western martial arts to create it. Its principle is to cut off the opponent’s line of power, before hitting it. By being combined with Bruce Lee with nunchaku, it created terrifying destructive properties. This martial art requires the ability to observe and strike extremely fast.


Vovinam is a martial art of Vietnam, combining many different martial arts from China, Korea and Japan. It is based on the Principle of Vajrayana and is practiced bare-handed or with weapons such as swords, blades, machete, knives, taper, fans, etc. Today Vovinam is educated in many parts of the world, for the purpose of close combat and self-defense.

Author: Charlene Matthews