Types Of Martial Arts (part 1)

The athletes usually showcase the values which martial arts teach – for example, integrity, humility, honor, respect, compassion, courage, and discipline.

Martial arts may have begun on the battlefields, yet today, the many styles pull off a means to self-improvement. In other words, it improves the lives of people who practice them.

Below are the disciplines of martial arts that you will see athletes use

1. Mixed Martial Arts

It is as conventional as combat itself. It used to be practiced in a wide variety of forms in ancient Greece, China, Italy, India, Japan, and Egypt. Still, the regulations and rules were different in each country.

Regardless of the discipline’s old variations, modern mixed martial arts has to do with the use of grappling as well as striking both on the ground and standing up.

Many matches taking place are these mixed martial arts bouts,

2. Lethwei

The lethwei’s ancient art dates back to the second century since the Pyu Empire controlled plenty of Myanmar. Original matches used to be held only for entertainment.

You know, it was not until the famous Olympian Kyar Ba Nyein visited Myanmar in 1952 to develop the regulations and rules of the sport which people see today.

Usually named as “the art of nine limbs,” it features knees, punches, elbows, headbutts, and kicks.

3. Kun Khmer

It dates back to the ninth century.

It was used to protect Cambodia from several other nations, other than for invading as well as conquering surrounding countries. This one focuses more on strikes as well as clinching.

4. Sanda (Wushu)

It goes by many names – say, wushu and sanshou. Yet, all of these kickboxing arts from China have one thing in common: the Chinese military originally developed them.

They focus on kicking, punching, throws, stand-up wrestling, sweeps, and takedowns.

Author: Charlene Matthews