Unbelievable cases in the martial arts world

One by one fight 100 people

In the martial arts film Bloodsport – the audience saw the scene of Jean Claude Van Damme dealing with each opponent in an underground martial arts competition and eventually won.

That is the story on the movie. And it should be said that the fight on this film takes place in the ring with very “sports” rules. But the fighting techniques, in Japanese, are kumite, not things that are performed or played on ring-bordering stages and a series of conventions aimed at minimizing injuries for gladiators.

The technique and form of Japanese kumite competition has been developed for a long time by the extremely powerful Kyokushin karate school monk, a test of human endurance. In this fight, a boxer is pushed into the ring of 100 other gladiators of the same martial arts level. He must fight against each other one after another, every 2 minutes in a match. After each round, the main fighter gets a 60-second break before entering the next match with a new player. The goal is to defeat at least half of the opponents, preferably knocking out. Other goals? Try not to become meat for people to try their feet.

So far, only 14 people during Kyokushin’s karate history have passed a 100-person kumite competition for hundreds of years.

The most recent is Judd Reid, an Australian fighter. Another one is Akira Masuda, completing the “real-time battle” with 100 other boxers in 1991. At the 44th round, it was after Masuda had to fight with 43 others, he met his opponent. new, tall and hairy. Masuda kicked the opponent on the head and other strikes caused the big boxer to break his chest.


Judd Reid is one of the 14 boxers who have passed the 100 kumite resistance fight (Huffington Post).

But no matter how strong it is, human strength is always limited. Nearing the final matches, Masuda could not lift his hand. His fellow fighters took refuge and only punched, kicked the legs and stomach, instead of attacking the more dangerous parts.

Defeat opponents with household items

Jackie Chan’s Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan) in many movies uses everything to make weapons, from shoelaces, even sifted flour. In the movie world, a frozen fish can also be used to kill 20 Japanese yakuza gangs who are full of people (of course not by poisoning them and tempting them to eat).

But the reality is that for a true martial arts master, many silly-sounding objects can still be used as weapons capable of killing others. There is much evidence that even a chopstick can kill people. The story of using chopsticks to pierce the stainless steel washbasin has recently been successfully implemented by many people. So don’t doubt if someone says people can kill people with a folding fan.

Of course it is very likely that you can only see how to be “polite and elegant” with a folding paper fan on the film. But knowledgeable people know that folding fans can only be used as weapons when the fan is made of steel. In the era of Japanese samurai, this weapon is very popular and is called tessen

Author: Charlene Matthews