Benefits of practicing Aikido.

Benefits of practicing Aikido.

Aikido considers that practice is not a means to fight with other people, but that it is a process of physical and mental training. Participating in Aikido will help you train yourself with the will to win yourself with the slogan that most Aikido students know well that “true victory is your own victory”. Indeed, life is always moving and posing challenges before our eyes. Those challenges always wear us from birth to death. It could be difficulties in daily life or maybe persistent serious diseases. All of these things can make you sad, awkward or lead you to despair. However, if you have enough confidence to overcome yourself, you can win it all.

Aikido attaches great importance to the spirit and spirit, always putting love on the top. Aikido does not train based on the strength of muscles but promotes the toughness, perseverance, patience, and willpower to practice at each student.

Aikido is a martial art that has no endpoint because the more you practice, the more focused the feeling of thinking and movement in the techniques becomes. In the process, we are aware of other techniques. It is this that when practicing Aikido perseverance and persistence will be formed in each person.

Aikido does not create resistance in techniques. Aikido’s view of the opponent is that you are shown in the motion principle and the technique of resolving the circular attacks with the mind is the body’s focus to power the attacks and thereby eliminate antagonism. When reconciliation is resolved, there is no conflict, enabling people to live in peace and harmony with the surrounding environment.

Practicing Aikido enhances physical fitness as well as mental and intellectual development. Aikido brings good health and training thinking, which helps the activities become more effective. Aikido is based on the principles of not attacking, not antagonistic and not competitive. Aikido practitioners can not only protect themselves from bigger and stronger opponents but also practice their understanding and respect for their partner.

The above is all the information to answer the question of what Aikido is? and the benefits of Aikido martial arts shared by Thien Truong Sport. Hopefully, with this information, you have given me a better understanding of this Aikido subject!

Author: Charlene Matthews