Bruce Lee – The great symbol of Chinese martial arts

Bruce Lee - The great symbol of Chinese martial arts

In his short but dazzling life, Bruce Lee has always tried to preserve the unique position in Hollywood’s martial arts film and in the world of martial arts. Even now, no one has been able to overcome his great shadow.


Bruce Lee (1940-1973) is a Chinese-American. He brought ancient Chinese martial arts into the modern world of the West and created a new type called the Act of Extermination. At the same time, with 5 classic martial arts films – The Big Boss, The Way of The Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and Game of Death, Bruce Lee has greatly influenced the world cinema.


Bruce Lee is a man full of great ambition and intense natural attraction that makes him instantly outstanding in front of the crowd. He is also a family man and deeply appreciates personal privacy. However, the most important thing to do with him – a legendary person, is: art and philosophy. They are at the heart of everything he does.

Enlightening the viewers’ awareness – this is his profound purpose, not just for entertainment and fun. On the screen as well as in reality, Bruce is a talented, resilient, straightforward, simple and fearless hero. Bruce Lee in real life has an intimate depth and complex personality. He was always optimistic even when being under terrible pressure.

Bruce Lee - The great symbol of Chinese martial arts

To sum up

Bruce Lee’s life is a relentless struggle to succeed, especially for himself, and that success is not just fame for money. That’s why people find his life behind the scenes more interesting than the films he made. There are many who acknowledge that he is too aggressive and, but there are also people who say that is just the cover of an invisible introvert.

Still, he is a legendary symbol of great Chinese martial arts!

Author: Charlene Matthews