Bruce Lee’s Amazing World Records That Will Surprise You

Although Bruce is gone forever, the legends of martial arts heritage that he left for the world have always been admired by a lot of people.

Bruce is always considered a legend in the martial arts village of China as well as the World. However, audiences only knew him with the charismatic martial arts films on the small screen. Few people have witnessed the true skill of this legendary martial artist.

However, apart from the cinematic legacy, little is known that this martial arts legend is the owner of many world records related to physical strength. With top-notch martial arts, Bruce has been recorded a series of world records for his ability to fight as well as use his strength.

Currently, he is the holder of up to 7 Guinness world-recognized records including:

  1. Break a 45 kg sandbag with an inclined kick.
  2. Create a force equal to 725 kg with the nunchaku.
  3. Bruce can punch 9 times in a second. His 1-inch punch will cause the 75 kg opponent to fly 5-6 m away.
  4. Bruce is the lightest person to own a punch equivalent to 159 kg, equal to boxing champion Muhammad Ali, but he weighs only 59 kg, while Ali weighs 120 kg.
  5. Bruce can kick 6 times a second. He can kick a person weighing 90 kg away 20 m.
  6. Bruce makes a maximum of about 1500 push-ups with both hands and 400 times with one hand. In particular, he can resist pushing 200 times with two fingers and 100 times with a thumb.
  7. Bruce can kick sand bag weighing 135 kg to touch the ceiling 5m high.

The above records once again prove the great martial arts of Bruce Lee. He was a great contributor to the famous Wing Chun martial around the world. The sudden passing at the age of 33 of this martial arts legend makes people regret deeply and raise countless questions to this day.

Author: Charlene Matthews