Can Martial Arts boost your brain’s cognition?

Can Martial Arts boost your brain’s cognition?

Like other types of exercise, martial arts bring many benefits to our health, in terms of both physical and mental ones. However, do you know that this kind of activity can also boost our brain’s cognition? 

This may be a surprise to those who normally associate martial arts with physical strength only. Going beyond that, taking part in this activity helps our brain to enhance cognitive development significantly. 

1. Improved attention

According to research, martial arts exert a positive effect on our attention. To be specific, those who practice martial arts have a greater level of focus and alertness. Studies also show that for divided attention tasks, this activity proves to give better performance.

2. Enhanced executive functions

When it comes to the cognitive performance of your brain, executive function is the most essential metric. Compared with other forms of exercise, martial arts give you a greater cognition boost as it enhances your executive functions considerably. 

To be specific, when you practice this exercise on a regular basis, your brain function is improved with each session you attend.

Your brain can also release feel-good hormones with over 1,000 calories being burnt for every hour. This helps regulate your mood as well as reduce the feelings of stress. All these things are beneficial when it comes to getting your mind to function optionally.

3. Better memory

Improved memory is one of the many benefits that come with learning a martial art in regard to cognitive functions of the brain. This involves recalling things better, even complex ones.

Final Words

It’s obvious that martial arts are more than just an activity for physical fitness and strength. The hidden value behind this exercise is the way it controls and boosts our brain’s cognition, from better attention, enhanced executive functions to improved memory. So why not give it a go-to-see greater cognitive development in your brain?

Author: Charlene Matthews