Is Martial Arts A Sport For People Who Want To Lose Weight?

martial arts

Martial arts are subjects that increase muscle strength and reduce excess energy. Therefore, martial arts is also a sport for people who want to lose weight. Each martial arts has its own characteristics and there are ways to help you separate different white lipids.


Karate is a martial art that focuses in the center in equilibrium. Every time you hit a ton or when you strike, you’ll need to stretch your muscles and focus on your full strength. This is the time to consume energy.


Taekwondo martial arts focus entirely on legs and kicks. Flying kicks (tossing) or splitting kicks make taekwondo a great martial art for weight loss, and especially to reduce belly and thigh fat. In Taekwondo you never really stop moving.

You can not be known for kicking “destruction”, the kick of a taekwondo boxer can kick the speed of 219 km/h with the created force equivalent to 1043 kg.


If the strength of Taekwondo is in the feet, then Boxing is completely at hand and punch. Along with typical movement in boxing, an hour of training can help you consume up to 600 kcal and make your arms and shoulders become exceptionally firm.

Judo / Aikido

These two martial arts do not use a lot of punching and non-moving techniques, but mainly use techniques to capture sleeves or collars and find opportunities to knock down opponents.

Therefore, this is a martial art that is suitable for women and is a discipline that helps to keep the shape and enhance the self-defense ability very well.

In general, martial arts as well as other sports such as aerobic, badminton, running and swimming all help to consume excess energy, improve health. You should not worry that women who study martial arts will be demoted because this is not true.

Along with a reasonable diet when losing weight, martial arts will bring weight loss benefits and increase muscle strength, helping you have a tougher and more flexible body.

Author: Charlene Matthews