Steven Seagal: Martial arts star defeated 3 UFC champions (part 2)

After 15 years of traveling to many countries in Asia, Steven Seagal returned to the United States. He opened a martial arts academy and also worked as a bodyguard for famous stars. Among Steven’s clients was a Hollywood tycoon named Michael Ovitz. It was Ovitz that helped Seagal sign a martial arts film contract with Warner Bros. Even in his debut film Above the Law (1988), in collaboration with director Andrew Davis, Steven found the position of an action star. The next movie, Hard to Kill (1989), was a terrible act of violence. He plays the role of a policeman who wakes up after a deep sleep and takes revenge on those who harmed him. 1992 was Seagal’s peak with the film Under Siege and in 1994, he began trying as a director with On Deadly Ground. He continued to penetrate deeper into the entertainment world while contributing to film production.

In those films, Steven always played the role of a true hero, fighting dozens of crooks alone and winning by hand-to-hand attack skills to perfection. Watching action movies with Steven Seagal, one feels that no one can use manual attacks better than him.

In addition, Steven Seagal is also very passionate about music. Because he loved rasta, he did not mind going to Jamaica to study. In 2005, he released a music album called Songs from the Crystal Cave. A year later, he went on to release his second album Mojo priest. But the most famous single is the single Girl, it’s Alright, released worldwide. In the house, he has an impressive collection of guitar and swords.

Not only that, Steven Seagal was particularly interested in Eastern religion and philosophy. He spent hours reciting the Buddha’s teachings, studying Buddhist teachings and following a strict vegetarian diet.

In addition, he is also active involved in charitable activities such as helping Tibetan monks with nutritional illness, raising money for children or saving animals.

In her private life, Steven Seagal experienced four marriages with Miyako Fujitani – the instructor of Aikido (1975 – 1986), Adrienne Larussa (1984 – 1987), Kelly LeBrock (1987 – 1996) and Erdenetuya Batsukh (2009). The martial arts star has a total of 7 children, including two of his first wife Kentaro Seagal and Ayako Fujitani pursuing the art path.

Author: Charlene Matthews