The “myths” but true in the martial arts world

Recently, in some Asian countries, there are challenges and controversies surrounding the “superhuman” ability of some martial arts people.

It can be said that the mysteries and even the myths of the martial arts world have been popular for thousands of years and are “raised to new heights” when martial arts are exploited by cinema. Where is the real thing, what are the things that are woven?


In the martial arts world there exist many mysteries and even myths (

The martial arts films that folk are still known as “chieftains” often incorporate details, actions that seem beyond the contemporary laws of physics. Most are the exaggeration of filmmakers, but there is still a small percentage of the truth.

Cracked magazine of the United States once listed some elaborate martial arts that sounded like it was just a story on the film, but it was completely real.

Getting the name flying

One of the mysteries related to the sublime abilities of the Japanese ninja mentioned is the ability to catch flying names. This may seem fabulous considering the speed of the arrow.

But Anthony Kelly, calling himself “a reflex”, decided not to agree with this statement. Evidence that he has set a Guinness world record with the ability to catch by hand most arrows are shot continuously for two minutes. Not two or three, but the exact number is 33 arrows.

Kelly said he started his name in 2000 as part of the “martial arts night” program at his dojo in New England (USA). Since then, Kelly has become an indispensable character whenever someone organizes events to catch sharp objects flying in order to demonstrate the ability of martial arts.

Author: Charlene Matthews