Three important notes when practicing Taekwondo

As the most popular martial art in the world, Taekwondo also has mandatory notes that practitioners need to master before applying real combat.

1. Observational skills

The important element to defense as well as counterattack is in the eyes of good observation.

The right eye must be especially oriented towards the attacks, not allowed to ignore the opponent. On the other hand, the eyes are the “double-edged sword” that can transform immeasurably to deceive the opponent. Even at practice, you must consider it but you are actually fighting to achieve high efficiency.

2. Proficiency in tons

– Tantra is the source of strength. Whether it is a punch or a kick, wanting to be the standard and maximize your strength requires a start to create the momentum. Therefore, the tons of solid and flexible will help you increase strength and maximum stability against loopholes.

– Ending a blow means ending a ton. Technology and tons of magic always go along. When the attack is completed, the technique of the arm or leg ends. Thereby giving the practitioner the highest stability, the power is shown to the maximum. Practitioner keeps his balance and shows the viewer sharpness (sharpness). Do not end a technique and then end a ton or vice versa. The law requires firm, balanced, flexible, hand techniques with movements to ensure 3 elements: trajectory, speed and force of blow.

3. Move

– For Taekwondo, martial arts focusing on developing foot strikes that take advantage of flexibility and speed to overwhelm the opponent, movement is an extremely important issue. Therefore, balance is essential in practice as well as practical combat.

-Always keep your back straight (not stooping) to have a stable move. Tons of moves need to be firm, flexible, and the body needs to be soft and fluid. Each rhythm is smoothly combined with rotation, flexible and neat wriggling, not allowed excess footsteps.

-When you want to move, please coordinate smoothly the postures coordinate smoothly, always done by the stretch of the knee. The most important thing is to always keep the body focus stable, not undulating during the performance of the movements.

– The original position (start right) is also the ending position of the right post.

Author: Charlene Matthews