Top 10 popular martial arts in the world (Part 2)


Let’s check out three more types of martial arts in the list of top 10 most popular martial arts in the world.


Do you always think that martial arts are only for men with dangerous attacks, violent blows or melancholy punches? In fact, that is only partly true. Kick Boxing is actually a system of exercises based on Thai martial arts blows and hand blows of Boxing, supporting practitioners to exercise their health and bravery so that they can overcome any danger.

This is also considered as a form of martial arts training to help burn fat effectively, very popular in the gyms around the world nowadays.


Judo is a famous Japanese martial art founded by Kano Jigoro (martial arts master and professor) in 1882 based on the traditional martial art of Jūjitsu (Art). Japan. Judo is a sport that is more sporty than violence.


This martial art does not use weapons, but attacks mainly the neck and clenches the arms, legs, and knocks. Slashes, stabbing hands and feet and defensive weapons are also part of judo, but only in the form of pre-arrangement and are not allowed to be used in judo or practice competitions. A judo practitioner is called a judoka. This martial art is mainly applied to self-defense, as well as to exercise health, dexterity, and spirit.


Karate or is a traditional martial art of Okinawa (Japan). Karate is known for being a martial art with fighting techniques that are characterized by punches, elbows, kicks, knees and hand-opening techniques. In this martial arts, there are also techniques for punching, locking, and punching, blocking, dodging and hitting pieces. Karatedo uses hip rotation or Kime techniques to empower the attackers, as well as to focus energy on the entire body at the time of the impact.

Author: Charlene Matthews