Top 10 popular martial arts in the world (part 3)

martial arts


Judo is a famous Japanese martial art founded by Kano Jigoro (martial arts master and professor) in 1882 based on the traditional martial art of Jūjitsu (Art). Japan. Judo is a sport that is more sporty than violence. This martial art does not use weapons, but attacks mainly the neck and clenches the arms, legs, and knocks. Slashes, stabbing hands and feet and defensive weapons are also part of judo, but only in the form of pre-arrangement and are not allowed to be used in judo or practice competitions. A judo practitioner is called a judoka. This martial art is mainly applied to self-defense, as well as to exercise health, dexterity and spirit.


This is a martial art that originated from Nanling in Fujian Province, China. There are many opinions about the time of the birth of this type of martial art, but most of them said that this martial art was born about 200 years ago. After Bruce Lee’s success on the screen in the 1970s helped bring the sect image to the world. Wing Chun has the right to be silently taught in the families and has become one of the most popular and passionate martial arts factions to date.


Kungfu is actually a traditional martial art of the China, characterized by extremely flexible and slow acting rights combined with harmonious breathing. According to many documents. This type of martial art was born more than 300 years ago due to the creation of a bearer of Chen in Chenjiajian, Wen County, in Henan Province.


Muay Thai is exactly an ancient martial art, and is also a popular Thai sport. Westerners also call this subject Thai boxing, but it has many differences compared to Western boxing. This martial art has been present since 1500, known as Muay Boran under King Naresuan’s reign, all soldiers must be trained in this martial art, considered typical of the fight with the enemy.

It is also reported that Muay Thai was founded by Nai Khanomtom – a Siamese soldier when he was arrested as a Burmese prisoner. When arrested, he was asked to fight the top 10 Burmese fighters and he won all by using the skills learned in the army.

Author: Charlene Matthews