Top 10 strongest martial arts stars in the world (part 1)

martial arts

Many famous Asian and Hollywood stars are on this list. Let’s check out!

10. Tony Jaa

With a passion for innate martial arts, Tony Jaa, from the age of 10, asked for his father’s permission to go to martial arts. Along with special creativity, he created his own style of kung fu. The unique features of martial arts he showed were very fast and powerful counterattack in the air. Such a counter-attack did not seem to be seen in Bruce Lee, but in Jackie Chan sometimes it can be shown but it is a way to escape, not a counterattack like Tony Jaa. This shows that he never studied Chinese martial arts from Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. His martial arts talents can be compared with these two cult figures.

9. Nicolas Cage

If you say that Nicolas Cage seems to be tough on film, it seems a bit forced. Because the majority of the footage he plays, the impression left to the audience is a bit less fortunate, often in the context of death. Everyone must remember clearly, since 1990, he is famous for his role as an addict from the movie “Wild at Heart”. This role has made a strong impression on the audience, making them change the notion that he can only play roles that are difficult. Originally, Cage himself had such a frenzied presence.

8. Harrison Ford

With his role in Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford left a strong impression in the minds of the audience with a strong image of courageous men. When on the screen, he always shows the manner of an intellectual-style hero. He used to act in risky roles, he didn’t need a stuntman, so he was full of wounds on him. Harrison Ford shines not because of his muscular muscles, but impressively created by the arrogant arrogance and wisdom.

Author: Charlene Matthews