Top 10 strongest martial arts stars in the world (Part 3)

4. Jason Statham

Jason’s expression is not a handsome guy. A series of “Transporter” films created the star of action Jason. He emerged with the image of a muscular guy with a cold face, who knew at least 2 martial arts and walked comfortably in the role of a hero in the Hollywood movie capital.

For him, to create a solid human image requires muscle and he did it. But that alone is not enough, he needs to show his personality and boldness. This quality has been shown throughout the series of films he plays.

3. Jean-Claude Van Damme

In the 80s-90s, Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of the most action-worthy stars alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. The influence he could put on the same level with them in the martial arts village of Hollywood.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Since 1970, Arnold has starred in nearly 20 action movies. The films he plays are very popular and have a global influence. In which the success of the movie “Terminator 2” brought a huge source of revenue, so the film helped him become the highest-paid actor in the world. Terminator has become one of Hollywood’s classic movies. The name Schwarzenegger has been associated with action films, but it is also used to guarantee box office. What few other movie stars can do.

1. Bruce Lee

Bruce is a famous actor and founder of the Martial Arts Martial Arts movement. With films that make big buzz like “The Game of Death”, “Long Painting Tiger” or “Dragon Hitchhiking”, Bruce is the way for a series of Asian stars to have the opportunity to be present at Hollywood. In 1999, Bruce Lee was included in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential figures of the 20th century.

Author: Charlene Matthews